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New PhD position in our group on motion in flat panel PET-CT:
Description of the research environment and PhD topic:
MEDISIP is located at the University Hospital (UZ Ghent) and collaborates with the department of radiology, neurology and cardiology. The group is involved in several collaborations with universities in Belgium (KU Leuven, VUB, CHU Liege) and medical imaging companies (GE, Siemens) and with research groups in Europe (Groningen, Bern, Pisa,...) and the United States (UPENN).

Applicants will be working on the FWO-funded Large scale Infrastructure Walk-Through PET scanner project together with the current team of researchers (Jens Maebe, PhD Meysam Dadgar, Florence-Marie-Muller, Maya Abi Akl and Boris Vervenne). The idea of the project is to design and test a light, compact and comfortable patient holder with video-instructions for minimal motion during fast 30 sec scans in a flat panel PET and limited angle CT. The patient platform will be designed-built by a local contractor but requires testing on volunteers and patients at academic hospitals. To further reduce remaining motion, there will be motion tracking which should allow to derive motion fields for correcting the reconstruction. Motion tracking will be done in collaboration with the Image processing groups of Ugent and VUB.

You have a Masters in Engineering (Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering) or a Master of Science (Physics or Applied Physics). You are a collaborative dynamic person who likes to work in a multidisciplinary research environment. You are flexible and are willing to pursue deadlines. You are willing to travel abroad for meetings and/or measurements. You have a good background in medical imaging and image processing and have knowledge about programming (Python and/or C++). Although there is funding for a 4 year PhD, the candidate is still expected to apply for personal funding at FWO and/or Vlaio.
How to apply:
Applicants should send their application (motivation letter + CV + English language certificate) to Also, candidates finalising their master will be considered.

Open Positions: Open Positions
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